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RecruiterSupermarket is the UK's leading directory of trusted recruiters. Whether you're actively looking for a new job, or just keen to know what your options are - connecting with specialist recruiters in your market is the most powerful weapon you have.
Recruiters work tirelessly to build industry connections and relationships. They source the best new jobs, so you don't have to. By connecting with them; you gain access to their network of opporutnities without any extra effort or time spent searching.

Why Use Recruiters?

Discretion & Confidentiality

Often the most daunting part of looking for a new job is that your current employer will find out. Recruiters are experts in keeping you under the radar, it's in their interest to do so.

Save Time

Searching for a new job is extremely time-consuming and often stressful. Instead, build a network of trusted recruiter connections and have them keep an eye on the market for you.

Access More Jobs

Not all jobs are advertisied, lots are with recruiters only. If you're not connected, then you could be missing out. Better yet, if a recruiter identifies your profile as a good fit for their client, they could even get a job created for you!

Market Insight

Recruiters live and breathe their market. That means they know their stuff - who's hiring, who's paying the best (and worst), who's got the best culture & office. Find out where you stand, and what you could be doing.

Interview Advice

A good recruiter knows their client well, and wants you to get the job (that's how they get paid!). So it's in their interest to give you insight to the company and interview tips to help you in the process.

Long Term Connection

Build a good realtionship with several trusted recruiters and they'll last your entire career. Your recruiter will always be on the look out for bigger and better opportunities for you. It's in their interest to do so.

Your Dream Job, Delivered.

Start building your trusted recruiter network today. Connect with recruiters and have a confidential discussion about the market in which you both specialise. Find out what opportunities are out there for you; both today and in the future.