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RecruiterSupermarket is the UK's leading recruiter management platform.
Our software is built specifically to help employers find, compare and engage with expert recruiters in their market. By leveraging our network of over 3,000 recruitment agencies, our clients are able to attract and hire top candidates quickly, and without hassle.

We're leading a recruiter revolution.

Why recruiters?

With 28,000+ recruitment agencies in the UK, it's tough to know which recruiters are good, great or ugly!

Companies don't have time to find new recruiters everytime they're hiring - so they tend to stick with the recruitment agencies that they've "always worked with". This in turn creates a lack of transparency, competition and standards within the industry.

This out-dated way of managing recruitment agencies is inefficient and time-consuming, it's time for a technological recruitment revolution and we're here to lead it.

Our Solution

It's all about the candidates! Our data-driven platform matches your jobs with specialist recruitment agencies that truly understand your business. Most importantly - they have access to top candidates that are perfect for your company.

Using RecruiterSupermarket is super easy - simply set your hiring requirements and recruitment terms up front, and have our recruiters do the rest.

You can engage with recruitment agencies directly or have our team do everything for you via RecruiterSupermarket's centralised online marketplace.

Who is it for?

RecruiterSupermarket is ideal for growing businesses that want to hire great staff quickly, efficiently and without hassle.

It's a perfect match for companies that value recruitment agencies but want more control over their terms, fees and results. Companies that want to ensure they are recruiting as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Enjoy the benefits of our cloud solution - post jobs, search, compare and engage with recruiters, view CV's and schedule interviews anytime, anywhere! It's recruitment on the go. It's SaaS. It's RecTech.

Recruiter Marketplace

The marketplace acts as a neutral vendor for thousands of specialist recruiters across the UK - meaning your potential candidate reach is far greater than working with a single agency.
It's quick and easy to post your jobs - expert recruiters will then submit suitable candidates. If you hire someone, simply pay the successful recruiter the fee you set out at the start. If you don't hire anyone, you don't pay anything at all.

Build Better Teams, Faster

Higher quality candidates

Time-to-hire 30% faster

Improved retention rates

Improve Hiring Efficiency

No fee & terms negotiation

All candidates in one place

Only pay on successful hire

Reduce Hiring Costs

15% lower fees than high-street

Reduced admin time & costs

Lower cost of acquisition

Free Job Board

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