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All-in-one recruiter management software that enables you to maximise the performance of your current recruiters; discover new expert agencies in your market, and escape your daily burden of recruitment admin, spreadsheets and sales emails.

Find expert recruiters in your market

Choosing the best recruitment agency to work with can be difficult, our data-driven platform makes that choice more scientific and less lucky guess.

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Easily manage all of your agencies

Replace your email and spreadsheet nightmare with our all-in-one software. A centralised hub to brief your recruiters and track your candidates.

Brief recruiters in bulk

Full applicant tracking

One-click candidate feedback

Schedule interviews

Visual pipelines

Access anywhere, mobile optimized

Track the performance of your PSL

Quickly access intelligent reports and analytics to monitor the performance of your recruiters. You can even compare their stats against the market.

In-depth performance stats

Customisable reports

Visual dashboards

Powerful hiring insights

Compare recruiter quality

Data-driven PSL reviews

Join 700+ companies that are using recruiters more effectively

We recently hired 4 exceptional product candidates via the marketplace. These were tough roles to fill, one's that our usual agencies were struggling with. Very impressive turnaround.

Matthew Hodges
VP Product Management @ Tantalum Corporation

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