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Use the Recruiter Marketplace to leverage the sourcing power of 3,000+ recruiters. Fill your vacancies quickly, at a fee that you set.

Recent hires include:

Unity Developer, London. £42k @ 15%

Solutions Architect, London. £120k @ 16%

Facilities Manager, London. £48k @ 18%

Sales Executive, Birmingham. £22k @ 12%

Urban Designer, Leeds. £26k @ 15%

Marketing Analyst, London. £34k @ 10%

Support Consultant, Cambridge. £38k @ 15%

Program Manager, London. £80k @ 15%

HSE Manager, Norwich. £55k @ 10%

Account Director, London. £70k @ 20%

Average Salary (2018):


Average Fee (2018):


Average Time-to-Hire (2018):

25 days

Access specialist recruiters that know your market & can fill your roles quickly

The marketplace is a simple and effective way to work with recruitment agencies. It works perfectly as a stand-alone tool; or alongside your other agencies and sourcing channels.

Attract more candidates, faster

Thousands of specialist recruiters at your fingertips. Marketplace competition means recruiters are in a race to win your fee.

Intelligent recruiter matching

Our clever software suggests the best recruiters for you to work with, based on their specialities and their current talent pool.

No onboarding or fee negotiation

Set your fee and terms upfront. All recruiters must accept your terms before engaging. Saving hours of back-and-forth negotiations.

Here's how the marketplace works:


Set Your Fee & Terms

Post your job and set the maximum fee you're willing to pay a recruiter (if they find you a candidate).


Select Recruiters

Recruiters will apply to work on your role, choose to work with as many (or as few) as you like.


Review Candidates

Once accepted, recruiters will get full details of your vacancy and start submitting their suitable candidates.


Interview & Hire

Interview the candidates you like. If you make a hire, simply pay the fee you set out at the start to the successful recruiter.

The marketplace just makes sense.

Using the same agency for all of your recruitment is inefficient. It breeds a lack of transparency, competition and standards.

The problem - until now - is that it's far too much hassle to engage with new agencies on a role-by-role basis; companies simply don’t have time (or indeed the inclination) to add yet another recruiter to their process.

That's where the marketplace comes in. It gives employers all the benefits of working with multiple recruiters, without the usual hassle of doing so.

Give it a go, it's completely free to post a job

Simple job posting

It's super quick to post jobs to the marketplace; within minutes you'll have specialist recruiters applying to work on your role.

One set of terms

Setting your fee and terms up-front eliminates contract negotiations. Simply choose your recruiters and start receiving candidates right away.

Access candidates quickly

Recruiters on the marketplace know they're competing for your fee; resulting in increased sourcing efforts and more candidates, quickly.

Less admin

Enjoy complete applicant tracking and centralised recruiter communications, meaning you can brief your agencies in bulk; and individually, all-in-one place.

Live job stats

Track every candidate sent and easily monitor each recruiter's performance on your role. It's easy to add or remove recruiters from your role at any time.

Only pay on success

When you make a hire, simply pay the fee you set out at the start. We'll hold on to the fee for you, until your candidate completes the rebate period.

The marketplace is great. I love the flexibility of being able to state our own terms for each role. The response has been amazing, probably due to a wider net being cast.

Andrea Hazelton
HR Manager @ Stormfront
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