It's time we start using recruitment agencies to their full potential.

RecruiterSupermarket is innovative software that helps growing companies work with recruitment agencies more efficiently. A recruiter-centric platform that means an end to repetitive briefing calls, bulk bcc emails, endless spreadsheets, and inefficient PSLs.


Save time by managing all of your agencies in one place


Source candidates via the market and hire 3x faster


Beautiful visual reports to track the performance of your recruiters; helping you build intelligent data-driven hiring strategies

Applicant Tracking

Everything you need to keep up to date with each candidate in your process; all stored safely in the cloud

Recruiter Directory

Search, compare and engage with thousands of specialist recruiters across London and the UK.

Recruiter Management

Time-saving tools to help you manage your recruiters

Save hours of admin, calls and email management by briefing and communicating with all of your recruiters in one place.

Quickly notify your recruiters about new vacancies

Send role updates & insights in a couple of clicks

Add new recruiters without needing to re-brief

Easily track which recruiter sent which CV, and when

Centralise all recruiter communications with simple messaging

All of your T&C's stored in one place

Applicant Tracking

Everything you need to keep track of your candidates

Our easy-to-use interface helps you keep track of every candidate sent by your recruiters.

Visual candidate pipelines for each job

Quick 'one-click' feedback on your candidates

Collaborate with colleagues and create shortlists

Simple interview scheduling

Rich candidate profiles and timelines

All CV's stored safely in the cloud

Recruiter Analytics

It's never been easier to track the performance of every recruiter that you work with.

All the stats, data and reports you need to continuously review and improve your PSL.

Track Performace
with Recruiter Statistics

Quickly view live and historic performance stats for each of your recruiters.

From big picture data like total fees to granular details like candidate volume, quality, conversion rates and much more.

Visual Dashboards
& Detailed Reports

Visualize your recruiting metrics with our user friendly dashboards.

Dig deeper into your data with cutomisable reports that let you explore and discover trends in your recruitment process.

Compare Performance
& Drive Strategy

Compare the performance for your recruiters vs. other specialists in your space.

Data-driven PSL reviews make it easy to spot underperforming agencies; and even easier to find new ones that can add value.

Recruiter Marketplace

Leverage the sourcing power of 3,000+ recruiters to fill your vacancies quickly, at a fee that you set.

Using the same agency for all of your recruitment is inefficient. It breeds a lack of transparency and competition; and ultimately reduces standards.

The problem - until now - is that it's far too much hassle to engage with new agencies on a role-by-role basis; companies simply don’t have time - or indeed the inclination - to add yet another recruiter to their process.

That's where the marketplace comes in. It gives employers all the benefits of working with multiple recruiters, without the usual hassle of doing so.

Simple job posting

It's super quick to post jobs to the marketplace; within minutes you'll have specialist recruiters applying to work on your role.

One set of terms

Setting your fee and terms up-front eliminates contract negotiations. Simply choose your recruiters and start receiving candidates right away.

Access candidates quickly

Recruiters on the marketplace know they're competing for your fee; resulting in increased sourcing efforts and more candidates, quickly.

Less admin

Enjoy complete applicant tracking and centralised recruiter communications, meaning you can brief your agencies in bulk; and individually, all-in-one place.

Live job stats

Track every candidate sent; and easily monitor each recruiter's performance on your role. It's easy to add or remove recruiters from your role at any time.

Only pay on success

When you make a hire, simply pay the fee you set out at the start. We'll hold on to the fee for you, until your candidate completes the rebate period.

We recently hired 4 exceptional product candidates via the marketplace. These were tough roles to fill, one's that our usual agencies were struggling with. Very impressive turnaround.

Matthew Hodges
VP Product Management @ Tantalum Corporation

Recruiter Directory

Search and compare thousands of specialist recruiters across the UK

Compare your PSL recruiters to the other 28,000+ out there. Our Recruiter Directory provides a transparency that the recruitment industry has been crying out for. It's now easy to find recruiters that are trusted and proven in your space.

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