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It's all about the data. We're on a mission to improve standards within the recruitment industry, that's why we've made recruiter performance data the hero of our software.

Track Performace with Recruiter Statistics

Quickly view live and historic performance stats for each of your recruiters. From big picture data like total fees to granular details like candidate volume, quality, conversion rates and much more.

Visual Dashboards & Detailed Reports

Visualize your recruiting metrics with our user friendly dashboards. Dig deeper into your data with cutomisable reports that let you explore and discover trends in your recruitment process.

Compare Recruiters & Drive Strategy

Compare the performance for your recruiters vs. others in your space. Data-driven PSL reviews make it easy to spot underperforming agencies; and even easier to find new ones that can add value.

Visualize your data with beautiful dashboards

Intuitive graphs help you visualize your recruitment metrics easily and quickly.

Analyze your core recruiting data - time-to-hire, source effectiveness, recruitment spend and much more.

Deep dive into your data with downloads to Excel, or present your core metrics with beautiful PDF reports.

Individual recruiter stats and rankings

In-depth stats on each of your recruiters makes PSL reviews a breeze.

Understand your top performers with candidate volume, candidate quality, and much more.

Easily compare the performance of your recruiters to other specialists in your market.

We recently hired 4 exceptional product candidates via the marketplace. These were tough roles to fill, one's that our usual agencies were struggling with. Very impressive turnaround.

Matthew Hodges
VP Product Management @ Tantalum Corporation

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